It’s not rocket science, you really are what you eat. It’s a phrase we’ve heard

too many times. Yet, we take it upon ourselves to put this to the test. And that’s just what Tarnea did during her years as a professional surfer.

Born and raised in Queensland, Tarnea grew up in a family where living off the land was prioritised. From a young age, Tarnea’s mother, Cyndi, taught her the healing power of proper nutrition and its role in a healthy, balanced life. As Tarnea came into her own, struggling to integrate proper nutrition in her life while competing at a professional level, that she experienced the misleading world of supplements and their inability to measure up.

That’s when That Healthy Co. was created. Out of a passion to advocate for transparency and quality in the supplement industry, Tarnea is on a mission to make high-quality nutrition accessible to her fellow outdoor enthusiasts. After receiving a degree in Nutrition, Tarnea has developed her own products that give you high-quality ingredients to better serve your body.

With surfers in mind, she created a product that would support the body in a physically demanding environment. A product great for the outdoor enthusiasts but also a benefit to everyone. It increases muscle protein synthesis, supports the immune system, and replenishes the skin to reduce the signs of ageing. Did she mention it tastes great, is sustainably sourced, heavily researched, and is backed by science?

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